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Making Room For The New Things

I've been in the process of learning about freedom and forgiveness over the past several months. In this time of learning, I've had to take inventory of the hurts that I've experienced and caused. This has been slightly overwhelming yet surprisingly hopeful. Why? Because I am now becoming aware of all of the things that I've been carrying around in my heart, some things that I didn't even realize I was holding on to. Without being fully aware of what has been occupying my heart, how can I expect to let these things go and make space for something new? It's a painful and humbling process, but I do believe that this is a blessing. This experience helped me to shift my prayer the other night, to a sense of surrender and readiness to move forward:

Dear God, please break my heart open and show me everything that I need to let go of. I want to be ready for the new things that you are bringing into my life. Please create a new heart in me.

And not surprisingly, as I was reading Women Who Run With the Wolves this afternoon, I came across this:

"In fairy tales, tears change people, remind them of what is important, save their very souls. Only hardness of heart inhibits weeping and union. There is a saying I translated from the Sufi long ago, a prayer really, asking God to break one's heart: 'Shatter my heart so a new room can be created for Limitless Love.'"

Talk about alignment, right?! My mind was blown when I read this and I knew I just had to spread the word. I'm sensing that a lot of you are feeling me on this: wanting to make room for the new things, les choses nouvelles. It's a scary thing to let go of what you're comfortable with, even though you know it's no longer helping you move forward. But there is so much potential on the other side, greater things coming in, greater than you could ever imagine (re: Ephesians 3:20). I truly believe it! So how can we create the space within us, to prepare ourselves for the greatness to come?

1. Reiki

Okay, so this might be a given, but honestly, reiki has changed my life and I've seen it change the lives of others. With new reiki energy moving through to you, old stagnant energies and blocks can be cleared. This can help with your stress levels, create a sense of calmness and clarity, decrease anxiety, help your body to relax, and can help you feel more grounded. How will this help you create space? With a clearer mind, you can see the big picture better - you can start to take a look at what is helping you and what is not. My intention in all my sessions is to release what is no longer helping you to move forward, and to call in that which will help you for your highest good. The intention is powerful and I believe it can strengthen the reiki and it's ability to help you!

2. Journaling

Personally, I've been putting in more effort to journal daily and I hope to journal each and every day this month. In the times that I've forgotten to or been too lazy, I've noticed that my mind feels more crowded - that there's too much going on in my head. Journaling allows me to let out a lot of thoughts, things that I might not be comfortable saying to others. Sometimes I even read my entries out loud to myself, it brings another level of release (please try this!). And journaling is one of the main self-care items I recommend to my clients after reiki sessions. Things come up in our heads all the time, sometimes they are doing so in order to be released. Let out your thoughts and feelings, they're taking up a lot of space. Just let the pen do the work! Whatever comes up, put it to paper and feel the difference!

3. Creating space in you schedule

This is something that I'm still working on myself, but have proudly improved on over the past year. Leave some empty gaps in your schedules y'all, stop doing too much! I'll be honest, creating space in your heart/mind can be tiring, so you need some physical space and time to recuperate. Releasing thoughts and feelings, especially things you've held on to for a long time, can take a toll on you emotionally and physically. Give yourself some room - block off a few hours for yourself every weekend, or 30 minutes everyday, anything you can. There is space in your schedule, you just have to claim it for yourself! And what will you do with this time? Nothing! You'll be resting, whatever that looks like for you. For me, it's “starfish-ing” on my bed, or being in child's pose on my mat. Take your pick of resting positions and own it!

There's a lot of other ways to release the old, let me know what you'll be trying in order to create space on the inside! What are you ready to let go of? Leave a message in the comments, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts!

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