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Oh, hey there! What's good? Thanks for stopping by as I share some #inspo tonight.

I'll be honest, this part of my website has been in the works for quite a while now. I've rewritten this post countless times. I think the idea of exposing my writing has had me shook. In the midst of letting this post sit quietly in my drafts, I came across a book the other day, Breakfast Sampler. This was a self-published collection of photos, created by a local photographer, Donnel Garcia. There are only a 2-3 pages of writing included in the book, but they hit me hard so I wanted to share some of it with you:

"Just because no one knows our name or has never seen our work does not mean that it won't interest anyone. It definitely does not mean we should do work that we think will.
It's not the amount of people we reach that matters it's the fact that we are reaching out... We don't have to be well known or have a million followers on instagram to be an inspiration. To be an inspiration is to recognize that even the smallest of things are responsible for great changes. Someone out there is listening to us. Someone out there is interested in what we have to offer the world. It all begins with being ourselves. I know that sounds super cliché but it's a simple truth."

...right?!I have been praying for some inspiration for a while now, I didn't realize that it would come from a book that has been on my shelf for almost five years. But it's true, and it's really making me think about why publishing this blog has been so difficult. I know that my hesitation in starting this has solely come from a fear that no one will want to read what I have to say. It’s a weird mixture of wanting to be heard yet being so afraid of being seen. It's a constant struggle, one that I've been trying to overcome these past few months. Donnel's words above have given me that final push, it's time to let those fears and all that shit go.

So this is it, today I've made the choice to commit to writing openly here for all to see. My fear will not stop me from pursuing this passion of mine and sharing it with you. I'm stepping further into who I am deep within: a writer, a creative! (I got shivers and a little nervous just typing that...) My intention with my blog is to share my thoughts, experiences, life questions, my story. I may even share some of my favourite song lyrics, if you're lucky! I mean, who doesn't resonate with some Frank Ocean or Drake here and there?! Whatever comes up, whatever inspires me, it'll be here for you to read, in all it's fearlessness and all it's glory.

I’ll be posting something here everyTuesday, so be sure to come back for a laugh (or a cry)... here I go!


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