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December: let's do this!

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

And all the girls said,

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's December already!"

But for real, can you believe it? The most wonderful (but also triggering) time of the year is upon us. It feels like this month has crept up on me. On the morning of the 1st, I suddenly was thinking about all the things I have to do before the year is over... and I was freaking out. Am I the only one?

Once I was able to collect my thoughts and get back down to Earth, I thought about how I could avoid the holiday stress this year. I know there are a lot of fun things that happen around this time: parties, Christmas lights, days off, snowball fights... but for me it has always come at the cost of my health, my net worth, and my sanity. I'm going to switch it up this time, and you can join me in trying to create a stress-free December.

Here are a few tips to consider as we press on through the month, let's do this together:

1. Set boundaries

If you're like me, you've said "yes" to events out of obligation, guilt, and slash or to please someone. Sometimes even because you just didn't want to miss out on being in the IG photos. This can leave you feeling over-exerted, tired, grumpy, moody, all the good feelings. Now that I've realized this, I've become more intentional about where I put my time and energy. What does this look during this holiday season? Being mindful of what events I am saying "yes" to and setting a budget on Christmas gifts. For you, it could be setting a limit on how many drinks you have at your corporate holiday party, or giving yourself 2 hours to mingle at your extended family party. It could be not going shopping with the friend who only has negative things to say. Boundaries serve a purpose in protecting you (physically, emotionally, energetically, etc). Boundaries are not set to get others to do what you want them to do. So be clear to yourself about what you want and do not want to do this month. Unfortunately, we don't have all the time in the world, so we're going to have to make some choices. But know that you can always change your mind, if that feels right to you. I however would not recommend changing your boundaries out of peer pressure or a sense of fear. Whatever you decide, own it and do you! And if for some reason you are unable to maintain your boundaries, you can always regroup and keep trying.

2. Save time for yourself

Personally, I need one whole day to recover from a party, and that is even when I'm sober. With all the energy your are giving, you need to refuel. So whether this be setting aside your Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings for your own time - try to make it a priority. Just because Santa's coming to town, it doesn't mean that your self-care has to go out the window! Have a lazy day, go offline, or go for a walk by the water. Watch a couple of episodes of The Office or The Handmaid's Tale (which is what I may or may not be doing). Whatever it is, let it be your own personal time to recharge and reset your mind and body before you engage in more adventure this month.

3. Express gratitude

When I was in a Flow class on Sunday, my teacher talked about having a balance of giving and receiving during this season. I tend to hang around in the giving part, and have a difficult time receiving and it disrupts my whole attitude about everything. Wherever you are in the balancing act, consider setting yourself up each day with a posture of gratitude and express that in all of your interactions. When you're giving a gift, be thankful for the opportunity to have the means to do so. When receiving something from someone else, be grateful that someone has taken the time and effort to think of you. We are lucky to be living in abundance, that is always something to be grateful for.


4. Take a deep breath

Sometimes all these tips will feel useless in a moment of full on aggravation when you find there's no more Portuguese Egg Tarts left at T&T when you don't have anything else to bring to your best friend's mom's Christmas Eve party... Take a deep breath and just sigh it out. Everything will be okay! There's a fruit cake in the bakery with your name on it!

Whatever you have going on this month, stay blessed and stay breathing. You've got this!

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