If it is our first time receiving Reiki or joining in on the distance sessions, here is some information for you!

All Reiki Right Here Sessions are at no cost. No private or individual sessions being offered .

What is distance Reiki?


Distance Reiki is when the practitioner sends the Reiki directly to the client, wherever they are. There is no distance limit and you will receive the same benefits as receiving Reiki in-person. 

I want join Reiki Right Here tonight, is there anything I need to do?


Yes, set your intentions to receive the Reiki. Anything else is extra!

An example of an intention you can say beforehand:

"I am open to receive Reiki, I release what no longer serves me." You can make it more specific if you want to, but try to remain open to the experience


For a more relaxing session, I recommend setting yourself up to get cozy: lying down, pillow under knees, eye covers, and a cozy blanket. There are optional yoga poses to try.   

Music is optional, nature sounds, chill beats or binaural beats are my preferences.

 If you have something to do after, set an alarm in case you fall asleep (happens often).



Is there a zoom meeting or call that i need to join for the  reiki right here session?

There is no online meeting or call  to join for the session 

At 9pm PST, Reiki will be sent to you directly wherever you are.  

Is there suggested aftercare?

Try to stay hydrated and listen to your body if it needs rest. Sometimes emotions might come up as you clear out old energy, sort of like a detox, so be kind to yourself in case those things come up, honour your feelings. Journaling can help to release those emotions. If you don’t have already a self-care practice, I would recommend considering one! No pressure, but it can be whatever feels good to you, whether that be meditation, going to the gym, taking a walk in nature, etc.

What is Reiki?


Reiki originated as a Japanese healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing of the body. It is a special kind of life force energy, in that it is guided by spiritual consciousness and is defined as spiritual guided life energy. It can help to push out old stagnant energies and blocks in your body. Reiki is always helpful and safe, it is not harmful. Reiki has no religious affiliation and it is open to anyone.


Can anyone receive Reiki?

YES! Reiki is safe and everyone is welcome to receive it. Pregnant women, children, and pets can receive Reiki too.


What should I expect to experience during a session?


As Reiki is spiritually guided, it will move to the areas in your energy field and body that require healing. The experience is different during each session, depending on how open you are to receiving the energy. Some people feel temperature changes or tingling - it’s the energy moving in your body.  Others have experienced receiving spiritual guidance, similar to what you may feel during meditation practices. You can expect to feel relaxed and energized after each session as the energy encourages you to release anxieties and negative feelings.

If anything comes up during the session, no need to engage it, Just allow it to move through. Keep breathing. If you fall asleep, enjoy the rest! 

Remember: You don't have to "feel" anything to receive Reiki. The experience you have is the one you need.