Reiki Healing and Wellness with Cher

Behold, I will do a new thing,

Now it shall spring forth;

Shall you not know it?

I will even make a road in the wilderness

And rivers in the desert.

- ISAIAH 43:19

Meet Cher

Welcome to Une Chose Nouvelle, where you can find a new thing to propel you forward in your journey. 

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing of the body. Reiki derives from two kanji, Rei (meaning spiritual wisdom) and Ki (life energy). Reiki is a special kind of life force energy, in that it is guided by spiritual consciousness and is defined as spiritual guided life energy.  


I was introduced to Reiki in the process of my own healing. After a few sessions, I could feel all the layers of emotional and physical stress beginning to fall away. I went from hiding in the dark, to stepping out towards the light, realizing that there is more to life than pain, suffering and fear. It was one of the biggest stepping stones in finding my spiritual path and purpose in life.

After my own experiences, the opportunity to learn to give Reiki presented itself. In October 2017, I completed my First Degree Usui Holy Fire Reiki training. My Second Degree training was completed in July 2018.


My intention with Une Chose Nouvelle is to share the healing benefits of Reiki with you, to help you find peace and clarity in your daily life. I believe that everyone can benefit from a Reiki healing session. In allowing this new thing to come into your life, I believe that you will begin to feel the benefits of Reiki and your life will start to move into new directions.


What is Reiki?


Reiki originated as a Japanese healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing of the body. It is a special kind of life force energy, in that it is guided by spiritual consciousness and is defined as spiritual guided life energy. It can help to push out old stagnant energies and blocks in your body. Reiki is always helpful and safe, it is not harmful. Reiki has no religious affiliation and it is open to anyone.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for a Reiki session?


No specific preparation needed. If you are a new client, I will send you an intake form to complete beforehand.


What do I have to do when I’m receiving Reiki?


Just relax and be open to receive the Reiki energy! You will be lying down, as comfortable as possible, on a massage table, fully clothed under a blanket. I will be channeling the Reiki to you through my hands, which will be held over you in different positions. I recommend that my clients focus on breathing throughout everything that they may feel. If you fall asleep, that’s great - you should feel relaxed.


What should I expect to experience during a session?


As Reiki is spiritually guided, it will move to the areas in your energy field and body that require healing. The experience is different during each session, depending on how open you are to receiving the energy. Some of my clients feel temperature changes or tingling - it’s the energy moving in your body.  Others have experienced receiving spiritual guidance, similar to what you may feel during meditation practices. You can expect to feel relaxed and energized after each session as the energy encourages you to release anxieties and negative feelings.


Is there suggested aftercare?


After each session, I recommend that you have some time for yourself to relax, before you go about the rest of your day. Try to stay hydrated and listen to your body if it needs rest. Sometimes emotions might come up as you clear out old energy, sort of like a detox, so be kind to yourself in case those things come up, honour your feelings. Journaling can help to release those emotions. If you don’t have already a self-care practice, I would recommend considering one! No pressure, but it can be whatever feels good to you, whether that be meditation, going to the gym, taking a walk in nature, etc.


How often should I receive Reiki?


For new clients, three sessions in three weeks (one per week) can be a good start. Some clients receive Reiki as often as weekly, and as far apart as a few months. Regular sessions can help keep your energy balanced. It’s up to you, based on how you are feeling emotionally, physically and energetically.


Can anyone receive Reiki?


YES! Reiki is safe and everyone is welcome to receive it. Children and pets can receive Reiki too.


What is distance Reiki?


Distance Reiki is when the practitioner sends the Reiki directly to the client, wherever they are. This is an option for days when you cannot make it to my location (Surrey, BC), or if you are living in another city or country. There is no distance limit and you will receive the same benefits as receiving Reiki in-person. All distance sessions are booked in my local time, PST.

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